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Jul 14, 2012 12:00am EDT
. wehrseifen, nurburgring. the horseshoe, twin peaks boulevard. every famous curve has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them, with the lexus is performance line, featuring the is 250. real performance demands real precision. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- gary oldman. rob riggle. and music from the dirty heads. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. that's great. thanks very much. thanks. how you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for being here tonight. all right. for my first trick, i will be walking the dog. does anyone have a yo-yo? [ laughter ] there's a lot of commotion outside our theater here in hollywood today. maybe some of you got to see it, our old pal slash, the great guitar from guns and roses, i think he was in the wiggles for a little while. slash, got a star in front of the hollywood walk of fame, charlie sheen came and spoke. th
Jul 11, 2012 12:00am EDT
, a gentleman named michael was expected to be the father of his ex girlfriend's mimi's twin girls. >> i bumped into her in the club one night. she tried to tell me i'm the father of her twin kids. i was like, what? you're crazy. i never see those girls. i did see pictures, maybe one of the twins looked like me. but that's just what people say. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: which one of the identical twins do you think looked like him? the one on the left or -- michael wasn't the father of either twin. but fear not, maury will find the man, and he will not rest until he does it. donald trump is being honored next month. the sarasota republican party has announced plans to announce donald trump statesman of the year. if there's one word to call donald trump, it it would be statesman-like. the chairman of the republican party in sarasota called donald trump a wise, respectful leader. trump is scheduled to accept the award on august 26th with dinner at the ritz-carlton. for $1,000 a head, guests can meet him personally. for an extra $3,000 you can have sex with his hair. dictionary defines the word state
Jul 9, 2012 2:30am PDT
move on. one of the american league's best teams took on one of the worst as the rangers face the twins. we pick it up in the fourth. >> wow. that knocked -- the players are coming off the field whether they want them to or not. >> holy cow. >> after the game. twins outfield erden nard span tweeted, quote, that's the loudest noisy ever heard. i thought jesus was coming. end quote. back to the game, tied in the 13g9, ian kinsler puts one over the drawn-in outfield to drive in the winning run, rangers win 4-3, head into the all-star break with a four-game lead. but watch out for the california angels and mike trout. >>> the pirates at home taking on the giants, seventh inning, andrew mccutchen, best player in the national league so far hits one deep to right center. park can't hold it. the second homer for him of the game. the first player in pirates history with a batting average of .362. pirates went on to win 13-2, leading their division at the all-star break for the first time since 1997. go pirates. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," a new fight over economic poli
Jul 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
and twins and it had nothing to do with the game. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ want my recipe for healthier hair color? natural instincts! formulated with aloe, vitamin and antioxidants natural instincts has a system that's a healthier way to radiant color. indulge... with natural instincts. less guilt, more gorgeous. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> welcome book to "first look." i'm veronica de la cruz. u.s. military officials have confirmed six american soldiers were killed in afghanistan yesterday. they died in a blast of an improvised explosive device about 40 miles southwest of the capital of kabul. >>> in egypt the new islamist president, mow whom med morsi is ordering the party to reconvene. the parliament was dissolved last month after an order from a military backed court. >>> in jordan a heated debate on tv became violent when a lawmaker threw a shoe at another politician and then pulled out a gun. the host of the debate separated the two men and there were no injuries. >>> in chi
Jul 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
told you about the mother diagnosed with the flesh eating bacteria days after giving birth to twins. she's undergone 20 surgical procedures. this morning she'll open up about her recovery for the first time in an exclusive live interview. >>> the blame game in london. who pulled the plug on concert performance by music legend bruce springsteen and paul mccartney. you just don't do that. the story in a minute. >>> we begin with the return of the brutal heat. the weather channel's stephanie abrams in for al this morning. >> good morning. we'll talk more about the heat in just a minute. but first i want to take you into houston and talk more about the lightning strike that killed two during a soccer game and injured another. they were taking shelter under a tree, the absolute worst spot you can be because lightning will go to the highest point. one man died at the scene, a second taken to the hospital, a third treated for burns. >>> the temperatures, the plains, midwest all the way to the northeast, we will see the 90s. we will see the triple digit readings yet again, all thanks to a b
Jul 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
. thunderstorms across much of the south from texas to florida. showers around chicago, des moines and the twin cities. flooding downpours in the four corners of the southwest. >>> warming up in the pacific northwest. 85 in portland. triple digits in phoenix. 90s from dallas to atlanta. mostly 80s from omaha over to new york. >>> and now to another major story this morning. six americans, service members, have been killed in a particularly violent day in eastern afghanistan. 16 civilians and five afghan policemen were also killed sunday. civilians included women and children. and secretary of state hillary clinton announced that nations have pledged $16 billion in civilian aid for afghanistan. but for the first time there is a string attached to the afghan government must reduce corruption to receive all that money. clinton also talked about the uprising in syria saying the regime's days are numbered. >>> a battle could be looming between president obama and lawmakers over tax cuts. later today the president will call for a one-year extension of the bush tax cuts for individuals making less tha
Jul 7, 2012 2:05am PDT
is about to be the daddy of two twin boys. >> tell us what gave you the idea to do this? >> when we came to new york in 1985 from italy, i noticed how diverse this society is as opposed to the italian one. at the same time through the years, how much we do have in common. then as i traveled and i married my wife 12 years ago, who is african-american, i got to experience firsthand how much we do share as human beings and americans. >> sure. >> how long did it take you to venture all across the country? >> eventually seven years, 16,000 miles by car. >> and it wasn't so much the pictures you took, which are all wonderful, but the stories behind the pictures, right? >> yeah. >> you went all the way to alaska. tell us about what happened in alaska. >> tell us about new york city. i think we need to do them in order. >> yes. that's why hoda is here. >> wait. that doesn't look like new york city to me. >> looks like alaska to me. >> what i was saying is alaska. start with that, if you wouldn't mind. >> well, alaska was the most exciting just because of the mail round, they call it. i went on a
Jul 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
cool off tomorrow. temperatures and lynn getting into the '70s. >>ysabel: a pair of oakland the twins are headed for an ivy league school they refused to let like >> they are off to yale. of course there are still challenges. they did of scholars of for their other expenses as well. >>marty: they're joining us this morning to refers all, congratulations. you should feel very proud. tell us about the first ricky-tick of their did visit the campus theorist than it was amazing to go there in me so many new people. we met so many people that were down to earth, it is easy to think everyone there would be privileged. talks >> we were there to three days in april. it was a wonderful experience. >>catherine: was the steal the college of applied to? demo we received multiple offers. our main twisted or volume, uc-berkeley in yield. cost calls want >> in some senses, many latino kids feel a sense of isolation. at least you have each other. >> yes. >> you graduated first and second in your class in high school. >> tell us about the influence the your mother had an education. >> she has gone thr
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
diagnosis brought long-lost sisters back together. >> reporter: they say twins have a special bond. >> i move here, she moves here. it just -- it's weird. >> reporter: washington state sisters stephanie and kim shared everything, including cancer. >> everything steph gets i get. >> reporter: stephanie was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. kim a year later. both got double mastectomies, preventive hysterectomies and similar tattoos to cover their scars. but it turned out they also shared something else, the breast cancer gene mutation brca1. >> that explains why i got family. >> reporter: the twins wanted to warn other family members to get tested. but there was a catch. >> we were adopted in ft. lauderdale, florida. >> reporter: they had no idea who their biological mother was and the record across the country in florida were sealed until a genetic counselor from seattle swedish medical center stepped in. >> i said to the judge that this information is critical for the medical care of her biological family. >> reporter: the records were unsealed. while the twins learned their m
Jul 9, 2012 2:05am EDT
. >> 76 years. his little girls have stole the show the he has two twin daughters, myla rose, and that is his wife, a former tennis player, herself. i love he had a quote. he said as long as i wake up and she is next to me all its good. >> oh. it was good. murray played a great game. federer is just that good. >> seven. he won there seven times. >> tied sampras' record. there we are at the game doing >>> this morning on "world news now" -- mean season, the relentless summer heat wave is now to blame for nearly four dozen deaths. >>> and a powerful cold front causing at least one tornado overnight in virginia. it will bring relief, but at a major cost. it's monday, july 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good monday morning, i'm rob nelson. you may remember this woman to my left right here. >> i don't remember my name. is that a quiz. >> a test. >> a test to see how tired i am. >> coming back from vaca never easy. >> pam. peggy. >> peggy bunker. welcome back, peggy. it's bun a loeen a long time. >> i think i am paula faris. we'll get back to that o
Jul 9, 2012 4:00am PDT
. this enormous thunder clap -- [ thunder ] -- at last night's twins-rangers game sent the players and umpires rushing for cover. today's forecast calls for hail and gusty winds in parts of the country. and popup showers or thunderstorms in other parts. despite the storms, millions of americans are glad the miserable heat is over, at least for now. >> i have been sweating missiles, not bullets, okay? it's been -- it's just been -- this heat has been unbearable. really. >> when you're sweating to death, sometimes you do get a little angry. >> yes. >> reporter: across the country, 2,000 record highs have been set since july 1st. at least 46 people have died nationwide because of the heat. it was so hot yesterday in washington, d.c., the tires of a u.s. airways jet sunk into the melting tarmac at reagan national airport. the heat is blamed for this manhole explosion in new york. the relief in temperature is little consolation for those still without power. >> we're so angry about is we can see people around and about us in this community, and they have their power. >> reporter: or for those in vi
Jul 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
innings to the minnosota last night. night.early off... the orioles took a 4 -to-1 lead after an adam jones 3-run shot to right field...but the twins battled back with their bats and r-b-i's with thisssingle and then later.denard span beats the throw at the plate in the bottom of the 7th... and the rest really doesn't matter as the o's lose 6 to 4.the o's hope to avoid a sweep tonight in minnesota. while we're on the top of baseball... take a look aa what happened during a "norfolk tides game"... a triple-a team for the orioles. orioles.announcer/people gasping gasping was moving so fast on his e" - a-t-v... he flipped over... triggering a strong reaction from fans. luckily... he was o- k.he quickly stood back up... coming up... they're back! back!backstreet nats nats why the "backstreet boys" are making headlines this week... and why yoo'll soon be seeing more of them. you're watching fox 45 morning morning. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) 3 is it real or is it an illusion? some children are learning about different books . today.emily gracey is joining us for this mornings homet
Jul 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
nearly 8- grand... and whether or not police have any leads in the case. and.. identical twins... give birth just hours apart.but why they had no idea their children would be born on the same day. 3 3 3 today is friday, july 27. ááad libáá libáá óóóóóó has 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 and claim their prize.if he/she doesn't call in... we'll draw another name... so stay could still be a winner today! today!want to get your name in the box?just go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... become a fan and complete the entry form to enter.go to our website for complete contest rules. 3 3 3 3 flames rip through an apartment building in ignited around two o'clock this morning.... and crews are still working to contain the fire. fire.we know the fire injures one fighter.megan gilliland is live from the scene with the latest on his condition and the residents as well. well.good morning guys,we live along yennar lane... --two alarm fire randallstown--broke out around 2:00 this morning --3628 yennar lane not from liberty road
Jul 10, 2012 2:05am PDT
is a triathlete. she is the mother of twin 8-year-old children. she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. she underwent the whipple procedure which is very tough. the surgery reroutes everything. it's tough. two weeks after her surgery, molly was back on her bike. >> are you on the phone? molly? >> she is in remission and training for her next triathlon. hi, molly! hi, kara. how are you doing? >> we're great. we are very excited. really excited. >> wow, we can't wait to see you. i cannot believe you were on a bike two weeks after surgery. >> i love to bike. yes, i was crazy to get back on my bike. >> you're 100% training for a new triathlon? >> i am training to hopefully do an ironman soon. >> you are insane. >> yes! i agree with hoda for once. we look forward to seeing you thursday, okay? have a nice trip up. >> we are very, very excited. thank you. >> so glad you're doing so well. usually sara does this, but we are going to do it. favorites of the week. >> fan of the week. >> it's a guy! >> steve peacock from selma, indiana. he is a military veteran who served in vietnam and the gulf w
Jul 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >>> well, the city of san francisco twins the plim okay to fay $250,000 to a former park ranger who revealed how overrer time pay was ring abusessed. >>> 7:123-6789 we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. some slow spots out there. there are some slow spots? >> he y especially getting to the bay bridge. but to the south bay around other places. ness take a lack at what we have. you did see highway 4 is going to be moving along slow. it's very in antioch. northbound 101, we have slow traffic from 280 into sunnyvale. >> there is a lot of low clouds around. a combination of the two. local drizzle in the city along the coast. some of that fog working its way inland. 50s, 60s. after those clouds clear, that rain is so close. but it will be out of the area for some. pie that i, mean there's higher clouds. inland temperatures will hit the in coast. >>> host ours -- just hours ago, why flames out there were just part of the danger. >>> 7:29. in overnight news, three cars burned in an auto repair yard in belmont. it happened on old county road along the caltrain trac
Jul 19, 2012 10:00pm EDT
against the twins.the worst team in the a-l central. but he was right...tommy hunter had a quality start... just the 2nd in 7 games for the o's.bullpen didn't get overworked.and it snapped a three game skid. o's can even the series today. top of the 2nd...birds trail 2-0..chris davis launches it to right...onto the concourse for the solo shot...his 15th... o's trail 2-1....move to the 8th...2 on and 2 outs for mark reynolds...soft liner to center...drops in for a base hit...matt wieters and wilson betemit score to gives the o's the lead...they win the final 2 games of the series to split it...4-3 final. he hasn't won a major in four years...and he's just 4 shy of jack's record number of 18... but tiger woods is the favorite heading into day one of the open championship. championship.tiger hanging near the top of the leaderboard... but everyone's behind adam scott... tiger knows his caddy stevie williams well... it's his ex.. scott on 7...using the long putter...for birdie...sinks it...moves to 2-under....from the tee on 12...par 3...a few feet from the pin...he birdied and has the lead
Jul 9, 2012 4:00pm EDT
the flat stomach. >>> j-lo rocks red in brazil. the 42-year-old mother of twins has that dancer's shape, smiling on the beach, during a getaway with her new man, casper smart. >>> miley in miami. wearing a white detailed bikini. the super slim 19-year-old looking fit for her fiance, leon himselffield, who was far away. >> heidiheidi klum. the newly single 39 mother of four still has a model shape in the twit pickshe put up. >>> and george's gorgeous pal at 32, showing off six-pack abs in a white sports bra and black yoga panltses. >>> also tonight, tom and katie speak out about their divorce negotiations. what they are saying about custody of suri and their beliefs. that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> that's at 7:30, here on wjz 13. >>> well, mother nature has a little fun with the grounds crew at a minor league ballpark in tennessee. watch as they try to put the tarp on the field during wild rain storms. they ended up calling it a tarp- nami. one poor guy had to run for his life, in order to escape the billowing tarp. afterwards, he said he felt like indiana jones, try
Jul 14, 2012 4:00am EDT
is leaving "american idol." the 42-year-old actress, singer and mom of twins told host ryan seacrest that she had to take something off her plate. judge steven tyler announced he was leaving yesterday. >> all right, time for tonight's shot. and the next generation of american service dogs. look at these adorable golden retriever puppies. they're three weeks old. already helping recovering service members at walter reid through the warrior/canine connection. will help socialize and then train the dogs who will one day serve disabled veterans. you can watch these little puppies grow up. of course there's a service puppy live cam. they're so cute. i would actually do that. >> i'm sure they'll be an app for that soon as well. >> but of course. if there's not one already. we'll be back in just a moment. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ru
Jul 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
predictions, the twin predictions are terrible. three more days at least before almost all of the power is restored. and on each of those days, temperatures approaching 100 degrees. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thanks, steve. >>> so, how about relief from the heat on the 4th of july holiday? maybe, maybe not. doug, what do you say? >> that's exactly the forecast, jim. it's maybe, maybe not. it depends on whether you get a shower or thunderstorm that may help to cool doings down for just a little while. but the heat will be there for everybody throughout much of the day. temperatures outside of 94 degrees, but notice the clouds. they have moved into the area as some storms are just off to the west. we have a brand-new severe thunderstorm warning, waiting for my beeper to go off any second, hampshire county, storms making their way from washington county into frederick county. there's the severe thunderstorm warning. back to the west, 87 in martinsburg, 88 in winchester. as we look at the radar, we'll show you where the storms are. we have one to the south. this is
Jul 17, 2012 1:40am PDT
, two-story closet with a built-in -- hmm -- stripper pole. >> there's a twin dancing. >> reporter: her husband is 77-year-old billionaire david siegel. >> i don't believe in wasting money. >> reporter: the former beauty queen from binghamton, new york, has everything. almost. >> this is the temporary house. we're going to live here for a few years. >> reporter: consider this a starter mansion. >> now we're going to take a look into the largest home in america. >> reporter: welcome to versailles. at 90,000 square feet, it will be the largest house in america if completed. bigger than a 747 hangar, two full acres of interior space requiring segways to get around. >> two movie theaters. that's the observation deck. the bowling alley is downstairs. this is our sushi bar area. >> reporter: so in 2008, the queen of versailles and her husband, the founder of westgate resorts and so-called time share king, agreed to a film to document the building process. they offered the filmmaker full access into their home, their prickly marriage and belt tightening. >> the market fell over 700 points. >>
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
today. 77 people died in the twin attacks. the suspect detonated a bomb killing eight people. he then went to a youth camp on a nearby island and opened fire killing 69 more. terrified teenagers jumped in the water to escape the barrage of bullets. >> he is facing terrorism charges. >>> a south florida radio station received a letter containing a white powder. it happened at the northern police station on fillmore. someone in the department made the discovery while sorting through the mail. >> in the mail was an envelope addressed to the station here. and it contained some white powder that spilled out. >> officers cleared out the building and called the fire department to investigate. they said the white powder was not hazardous and did identify the substance. in union city, berkeley. and sand leandro all received an envelope with nontoxic white powder inside. >>> san francisco will be getting big time money. they are meeting with ed lee tomorrow morning. they plan to make a major transportation funding announcement. officials from muny and ac transit will be there. the announce
Jul 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
famed highway 12. she'll be here to show us the fun the twins had along the way. >> first inside to the news desk. tamron hall with the top stories. hey, tamron. >> hey, willie, everyone. more than a million customers waiting for electricity to be restored after weekend storms that swept from ohio to washington, d.c. high winds damage power lines, uprooted trees and killed at least 22 people. meantime blistering heat will stretch from the midwest to the mid-atlantic states today. british drugmaker glaxcosmithkline agreed to pay $3 billion in fines to settle cases involving different drugs. that's the largest settlement for health care fraud in u.s. history. the justice department says glaxcosmithkline promoted the popular paxil and wellbutrin for useses. also failed to disclose avandia could cause heart problems. >>> the 45-year-old swim erika up short last night in her final bid to make the record sixth olympic team. >>> tarmoh with drew from the tiebreaking runoff for the spot in the 100 meter. she conceded to training partner allyson felix saying her heart wasn't in it. >>> gr
Jul 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
, a bizarre birthday for two little boys. twins born several minutes and sever towns apart. the babies couldn't wait. they pulled over on the highway just in time for paramedics to deliver the baby boy. mom and baby number one were headed to the hospital when baby number two arrived on another highway. the balance pulled over to let dad meet his other new son. we're told both boys are doing fine this morning. they're so cute. >> they're adorable. >> and what a great story. >> oh. >> for the boys. maybe not for the mom. >> yeah, exactly. >> thank you very much. >>> a little "pop news" to start the week. >> olympic addiction. we are addicted. this is the olympic edition of "pop news." one of the many moments to remember from the opening ceremony was watching what looked like the queen making an entrance, jumping out of a helicopter, skydiving over the athletes only to land on narrow bridge nearby. now, the man who nailed it was professional skydiver gary connery. there was another guy who skydived looking like james bond. gary said he practiced the jump for months and quote thoroughly enjoyed d
Jul 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
running at the twins/rangers game in arlington, texas, yesterday. the boom was so loud, it actually shook the television cameras. the game was held up by rain for 46 minutes. welcome back to "cbs this morning." you feel that one in your bones. >> like incoming fire didn't it? >>> there's a surprising development this morning in the case of natalie wood. the investigation was reopened eight months ago, 30 years after she died off the coast of los angeles. as bill whitaker reports, the l.a. coroner's office changed the cause of death from accident to undetermined. >> it's one of hollywood's most enduring mysteries, what really happened the night actress natalie wood drowned while boating off catalina island. >> if you don't like this has been changed to undetermined or unresolved, that means it's not over. >> it was thanksgiving weekend 1981. wood and her husband, actor robert wagner, were enjoying the holiday on board the "splendour" with friend and fellow actor, christopher walken. at daylight, wood's body was found floating in the water. investigators called i
Jul 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
or four inches we got yesterday, all in twin load, or the day before, the evening before. but we still have rain in the forecast for today. we're still trying to move this front to the south of us. farther south to allow dryer air to get in. it's not happening right now. right now, we have some light rain showers and drizzle over the area. just covering the metropolitan area now from the eastern shore northwestward out into carroll county, and there's more to the west in northern virginia and west virginia as well, and it's drifting in, traveling along the north edge of that front. so, yes, we still have rain in the forecast today. we'll try to salvage tomorrow. it might be a 50-50 this weekend. i'll talk about it coming up with the insta-weather. >> now to our big story, detames on the horrific massacre in aurora, colorado, continue to unfold this morning. 12 people were killed, more than 50 injured during a shooting spree at the premiere of the new batman knewee, "the dark knight rises." >> this morning, community searches for clues about how and why this massacre happened. we have t
Jul 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
with cheerleaders. only two parents hurt. texas, thunder chasing the rangers and twins off the field and into the dugout mid-game. the death toll has now topped 45. zpmgt and day on the lake beating that heat turned to tragedy for the acceptson of pop st star usher. 11-year-old kyle gibson is reportedly brain dead. a jet ski ran into the inner tube that he was riding in. it appears that alcohol was not a factor in the crash. zplncht check out a runaway tractor trailer. barreling right through the pumps. eyewitnesses racing to the rescue, despite fears that everything might blow. the driver says his brakes just went out. everybody here, by the way, was okay. >>> and if your kids are hounding you for a pet, there's a new reason to say yes. children who grow up around dogs and cats are healthier. a study out this morning finds that babies exposed to animals have fewer colds and ear infections. scientists think the pets help strengthen the youngsters' immune systems. >>> and finally, a change at the top for power house abc station in chicago. the old antenna gnat beamed wls to millions w
Jul 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
mayor, rupert murdoch, ronnie wood, murray's girlfriend, federer's twin, posh and becks, pippa and kate. who has been following and feeling every tense moment of the action. >> nothing like this in our lifetime or parents' lifetime. the most amazing thing. >> reporter: in the end, a british victory was not to be. the emotion impossible to swallow for virtually everyone cheering him on. >> the support has been incredible. thank you. >> reporter: and for the women, it was serena williams beating back injuries and her polish opponent to claim her fifth victory matching sister venus's wimbledon record and becoming the first woman in her 30s to win since martina navratilova in 1990. the williams sisters together also grabbed the doubles victory. next stop for them and roger federer and andy murray, the olympics right here at wimbledon, now just days away. it was interesting for both men's and women's you had a 30-year-old player beating one in their 20s. speaking of 30 years old if you wonder why prince william was not present at this moment, he chose a different sport. he went surfing with
Jul 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
, tag's twin boys conceived through surrogacy. >> you and your wife have six kid. the twins were born recently. >> yeah, they're six weeks old. >> reporter: they were born by surrogate. that's a very personal decision. walk us through that choice. >> we tried for a long time to have another child and weren't able to do it. we found someone who was willing to do it for us. she became close to the family and offered to do it and we took her up on it. >> reporter: did you consult your parents? >> not really. it was a personal choice between my wife and me and certainly we felt good but. we wanted to add to the family so we decided to do it. >> it turns out four of the final romney sons initially didn't want their father to run for president again this year. this time around they are now all on board. >> peter, thank you very much. you can see more of peter's interview on "rock center" with brian williams. >> it's now 20 minutes after the hour. here's savannah. >> it was a case of double duty for a utah state trooper recallier this week when he was called in to help deliver a set of 2010s
Comedy Central
Jul 22, 2012 11:35pm PDT
. sometimes they miss me. i was on the road a lot this summer. came back--our twins are four years old, it's a boy and a girl, and we're playing candyland. and let me refresh you on the rules of candyland. the youngest goes first-- yeah. yeah, huh? anyway, youngest goes first and then the next, so the three of us are playing it, but my son did not want my daughter, who's younger, to go first. he wanted to go first followed by me and not her to play at all. they're four. and so at one point, he raises his hand like this, "son, son, son, son. stop it," and so he ran to his room. he was upset. we played candyland, my daughter and i. then i noticed it was extremely quiet in my son's room. which means something bad is happening or something bad has happened. so i go in his room and it's summertime so i'm not wearing any shoes, i walk in there, and the rug is wet. and i said, "son, why is the rug wet?" and he said, "mr. business peed." mr. business is our dog. and i can't tell you the story of how it's his name. we'll get to that some other day, but it's a good one. anyway, i said, "that's a lot
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